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Beiben Heavy-duty Truck V3 Long-distance Locomotive 118th Canton Fair In an effort to promote its brand image and public recognition as well as explore new markets both at home and abroad, Beiben Heavy-duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. Attended 118th Canton Autumn Fair held at China Import & Export Commodity Exchange & Exhibition Center in Guangzhou.

As one of the most high-profile events in China, Canton Fair has been globally well-known and grown into a comprehensive exhibition for large-scale engineering machinery, engineering vehicles, vehicle spare parts, construction materials, machinery, electric spare parts. The autumn session of this year's Canton Fair lasts 21 days from October 15 to November 4.

Beiben Heavy-duty Truck, with its commercial vehicles and auto spare parts, attended the first phase of the fair, from October 15 to October 19. A team of six staff, coming from Import & Export Company and Axle Company, two subsidiaries of Beiben, together with Qingdao Kailai Automotive Sales Company, a business partner of Beiben shared one exhibition booth. During the five-day exhibition, Beiben received over 70 guests and visitors, 85% of whom are from abroad, including Kenya, Egypt, Philippines, India, Bolivia, Thailand, Malaysia, Angola, Tanzania, and Ethiopia, etc. They all showed keen interest in Beiben's products and expressed their plans to buy trucks and spare parts.


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