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Linglong Tire Sponsored Rio de Janeiro CARIOCA Championship

On Jan. 15, 2018, the opening ceremony of 2018 Rio de Janeiro CARIOCA Championship was successfully held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Linglong Tire became its official sponsor. Brazilian football legend Pelé attended this ceremony.
Linglong Tire Sponsored Rio de Janeiro CARIOCA Championship

Football is the mainstream of Brazilian cultural life, which is not only a sport, but also represents a culture. Whenever there are major international or domestic competitions in Brazil, the Brazilian families often go to watch the match and the field is crowded with people. Almost all the Brazilian are football fans, therefore, if you are engaged in football sponsorship, it will be easier for you to sell tires in Brazil.

The Brazilian football fans will get familiar with Linglong Tire through the sponsorship of Rio de Janeiro CARIOCA Championship.

In recent years, Linglong Tire has been focusing on Brazilian market and successfully entered the supplier system of Hyundai Brazil. It is well believed that the sales of Linglong Tire will increase in Brazilian market through this sponsorship.


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