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Cummins Wuhan Tech Center Starts Operation

Recently, Cummins Wuhan Tech Center officially started operation. As a part of Cummins Global Tech Center, the center in Wuhan is specialized in developing electronic systems, fuel combustion systems and related manufacturing and engineering.
Cummins Wuhan Tech Center Starts Operation

According to Cary Chenanda, General Manager of Cummins Electronic & Fuel System Business, the operation of Cummins Wuhan Tech Center marks a new milestone in Cummins’s business expansion in China. The new center is set to better serving Chinese customers.

Cummins Wuhan Tech Center is going to play an increasingly important role in spreading new technologies and supporting the manufacture of engine products with National IV and VI Emission Standards.

Cummins Wuhan Tech Center Starts Operation

By working closely with Cummins East Asia R&D Center, Cummins Wuhan Tech Center will introduce the state-of-art fuel combustion technologies and electronic control technologies in manufacturing engines, providing more diversified, more intelligent and more efficient power solutions for Chinese customers.


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