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Lifting Higher with SANY's First & Largest Telescopic Crawler Crane SCC1300TB

Recently, SANY SCC1300TB debuted in Singapore. This newly delivered machine is also the world's first and largest telescopic crawler crane of SANY. By adopting 6 sections boom, 18.1 meters fixed jib, and full extended telescopic boom at a length of 60 meters, the capacity of the crane reaches 130 tons. Besides, with short set-up time, excellent handing and manoeuvrability, the SCC1300TB was fully recognized by international customers.
Lifting higher with SANY

As the most powerful crane in Sany TB series, the lifting performance of SCC1300TB is superior to other models at same tonnage. According to SANY R&D team, the debuted SCC1300TB combines the advantages of a telescopic crane with those of a crawler crane. It accommodates to job sites where space is at a premium. In addition, even on rainy days, this machine presents excellent performance on muddy road. The crane has an actual lifting capacity of 130 tons and maximum load moment up to 4800kN.

What's more, the machine is with strong ground adaptability, the walking ability under load is increased by 50% compared with the traditional crawler crane. The stable rotation speed is 0.2°/s, says the R&D team, it operates fast, stably and precisely.

Intelligent configuration is equipped to this crane to improve safety level, including intelligent monitoring, remote-assisted installation, rear counterweight detection and so on.

Despite that, SANY also engages in improving the comfort of the crane. The new generation cab is spacious and comfortable, such as anoramic sunroof, 10.4-inch large touch screen, E-Pad button panel, cross winch and walking handle, etc.

Moreover, this versatile SCC1300TB can cooperate with rotary drilling rig to participate in installation projects of steel cage, high voltage electric tower, auxiliary wind power, etc.

All these features make SANY SCC1300TB the most favorable and ideal model on the job site.


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