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Hong Kang Pushan Operational Center Officially Opened

Date:2021-07-12 Author:Grace

July 12, 2021, Pushan, China, In order to provide convenient and high-quality AdBlue filling services, Hong Kang Environmental Protection is actively accepting clients’ join apply to improve offline network layout.
On July 8, 2021, Pushan operational center in Nanyang was opened officially and representatives from local logistics enterprises, Hong Kang Environmental Protection area manager and customers attended the ceremony.

Mr. Sun from Pushan operational center introduced that they will provide highest quality products and one-station services for customers.

With the preferential policies released, customers booked orders and made purchases one after another. The sales of the activity far exceeded expectations.

The establishment of Pushan operational center is a miniature of Hong Kang Environmental Protection regional operational centers and thousands of filling machine stations. Hong Kang Environmental Protection reached large scale filling network layout in nationwide step by step.

Choose Hong Kang Environmental Protection, choose the future. At present, Hong Kang Environmental Protection is attracting investment actively and looking forward to your joining.


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