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Shandong Heavy Industry Group Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Huawei

Date:2022-01-06 Author:Rosy

January 6, 2022, Shandong, China, At 10:50 am on January 4, 2022, Huawei and Shandong Heavy Industry Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement, marking a new stage of cooperation between the two parties.

Huawei will provide professional technical services for Shandong Heavy Industry Group's digital transformation, network security, and R&D system improvement. The two parties have a lot of room for cooperation in the fields of digital energy, auto parts, intelligent network connection, ICT equipment and so on. It is hoped that the two companies will work together to achieve better development.

The two parties will give full play to Huawei’s digital advantages and Shandong Heavy Industry Group’s high-end equipment manufacturing industry advantages to jointly create a global smart manufacturing model project, leading the digital transformation of China high-end equipment manufacturing, and achieving in-depth cooperation in new technologies, new businesses and new models. 


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