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CIMC Linyu Electric Mixer Trucks Assist Improve Work Efficiency

Date:2022-05-18 Author:Nancy

May 18, 2022, Luoyang, China, According to industry statistics, the recent sales of new energy mixer trucks are on the rise, and Linyu has always been the industry leader in the field of new energy, and continues to research and develop new products.

The Linyu electric mixer trucks launched not only meet the green policy for the development of new energy vehicles, ensure the high performance of pure electric central drive, but also reduce the transmission parts and other failure points of the product, and greatly improve the transmission efficiency.

The new electric drive axle structure replaces the gearbox and transmission shaft required by the traditional axle structure, which reduces the weight of the vehicle and transmission loss of the vehicle by 5%. In addition, the dual-motor structure increases the load efficiency and operating efficiency of the vehicle motor by 5%, reduces energy consumption, and greatly increases the cruising range.

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