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Zoomlion Customized Products Attend EXCON Expo in India

Date:2022-05-19 Author:Lily

May 19, 2022, Bangalore, India, On May 17, the India International Construction Machinery and Technology Exhibition (EXCON) was grandly held in Bangalore. Zoomlion presented 13 products in 6 categories, including construction cranes, concrete, earthmoving, tower cranes, and aerial work machinery at the exhibition, showing local customers the product strength and localization achievements of Zoomlion.

The relevant person in charge of Zoomlion said: "All products exhibited by Zoomlion have been individually designed for the Indian market. The market feedback performance is stable and efficient."

Zoomlion entered the Indian market in 2003 and was one of the earliest Chinese construction machinery companies to enter India. Over the years, Zoomlion has been continuously cultivating the Indian market, fully implemented the localization strategy from manufacturing, R&D, sales, service, and spare parts, and established a mature marketing network and multiple after-sales service outlets throughout India, establishing the core spare parts warehouse and mainframe storage yard.
Since entering the Indian market, Zoomlion has further promoted the localization strategy and continued to dig into the local market demand. Many types of Zoomlion equipment have been favored by the local market, participated in the construction of many national-level construction projects in India, and won extensive recognition and affirmation.

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