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Wanxiang marches EV market with huge investment


(, July1, 2010) Wanxiang Electric Auto Company Limited has realized power battery industrialization, and the product has passed the test of National vehicle-based Test Center, as well as the production system certification of UL,CE, ISO9000. There are more than 120 electric vehicles are running at the moment. 

Wanxiang has successfully developed electric sedan, electric bus, and dual energy electric vehicle, as well as electric engineering machinery, etc.

Wanxiang group announces that the fully-owned subsidiary will sign the agreement about battery and battery system with American Ener1 Company at May in 2010. Two parties are to set up a production base for automated battery cell and battery system. The initial investment is 300 million dollars. It is predicted that battery system for 40,000 electric vehicles capacity will be formed by the end of 2011.


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