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Dalian Put 200 Electric Buses into Operation Before Nov.

Date:2013-09-26 In the future to take a bus would be faster that driving by yourself without traffic jam. In Sep. 23, it is learned from Day of No Cars in Dalian that Dalian will enhance transit transport. According to Bus Lane Plan, since 2013, Dalian will build bus lanes of 270Km till 2016. Thus, roads of bi-directional over 4-lane road would be completely for transit bus. It is expected to build 15 bus lanes of 101Km.

To promote green outing and return green environment to cities, Dalian will adjust and improve Dalian Municipal Comprehensive Transport System Plan to ease urban congestion. What’s more, Bus Lane Building Plan and Urban Slow Transport System Plan were edited. Dalian Municipal Comprehensive Transport System Plan points out that Dalian should develop bicycle transport in the plain areas outside main districts and new urban districts and control conserved non-motorized vehicle lanes, making structure of urban transport more reasonable. Urban Slow Transport System Plan will improve slow transport system and implement the detailed layout of non-motorized vehicle lane, bicycle lane and side pavement based on subway stations and current regular transit condition. Therefore, the existing problem of the Last 1Km would be resolved.

Furthermore, Dalian will increase bus routes and application of new-energy bus, optimize and integrate bus route networks, develop 1 bus route and extend 4 bus routes. Operation time of 3 more bus routes would be extended. Before Nov. of 2013, 200 electric buses would be into operation and 200 slow charging piles and 20 fast charging piles would be built. 713 transit buses and 800 taxis would as well be renewed.


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