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First Batch of Shaanxi Automobile Cargo Trucks Delivered to Customer

Date:2021-10-29 Author:Grace

October 29, 2021, Harbin, China, On October 25, the strategic cooperation of 2,000 units cargo trucks between Shaanxi Automobile Heavy-duty Truck & SF Express and the first batch of Shaanxi Automobile Delong L3000 national VI cargo trucks delivery ceremony was held in Harbin.

Shaanxi Automobile focuses on customers’ needs and continues to help express logistics enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency to maximize users' value.

Shaanxi Automobile's truck market share has increased significantly in recent years, and the advantages of low fuel consumption, large loading capacity, high reliability, and low weight have been highly recognized by the market.

As the first company in the industry to propose TCO hosting services for heavy-duty trucks, Shaanxi Automobile aims to bring added value to customers, allow customers to bear the lowest expenditures, and obtain maximum benefits, and customized TCO hosting services for express delivery vehicles.

Shaanxi Automobile always adheres to the corporate philosophy of "customer-centric" and attaches great importance to the development and needs of the logistics industry. Guided by customer needs, Shaanxi Automobile creates solutions for users in the entire process of vehicle selection, maintenance and management to help the efficient operation of express delivery services.

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