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Shaanxi Automobile Delivered First Batch of Tractors to Zhongtai Logistics

Date:2022-06-16 Author:Tom

June 16, 2022, Urumqi, China, Lately, Shaanxi Automobile Xuande tractors were successfully delivered in batches in Urumqi.

With the continuous development of the freight logistics industry, customers have stricter requirements for efficiency and quality of transportation vehicles. Shaanxi Automobile Commercial Vehicle has precise insight into the market and customer needs, and has won the trust of representative logistics companies such as Zhongtai Logistics with its professional and efficient transportation equipment as well as convenient and fast services. Shaanxi Automobile will contribute to the high-quality logistics and transportation development in Xinjiang together with other companies.

The Shaanxi Automobile Xuande tractor delivered is customized for the transportation needs of customers. The whole vehicle is designed with lightweight modules and equipped with intelligent management system as standard, which pays attention to the whole process of vehicle operation and can provide fast and efficient service. The power performance of the product is stronger, and the economy and practicality are perfectly matched, which has won the favor and trust of users.

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