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Foton Heavy-duty Truck Makes Breakthrough in African Market

Date:2022-01-07 Author:Rosy

January 7, 2022, Nigeria, 110 units Foton heavy-duty trucks equipped with Foton Cummins ISG power were ready to be delivered to Nigeria, which is of great history significance to Africa high pressure common rail heavy-duty trucks.
The 110 units Foton trucks will be delivered to the largest international brewing company in Nigeria, whose products have been exported to West Africa and other regions. As a loyal user of Foton, the company has purchased 300 units Auman heavy-duty trucks in 2019.

The delivered Auman GTL was first introduced to Nigerian market and aimed at fast moving consumer goods transportation industry after compete upgrade. The Auman GTL has low fuel consumption, strong power and large loading capacity to ensure the quick respond and safe and efficient transportation. Foton also provides customized services such as engine, transmission and training for Top users.

Since entered Nigerian market, Foton has made breakthroughs in engineering, traffic, fast moving consumer goods and other market segments from technology, product to service.

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