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100 Units XCMG New Energy Mining Trucks Delivered to South America

Date:2022-06-01 Author:Nancy

June 1, 2022, South America, On May 29, nearly 100 units XCMG new energy mining trucks were sent to the South American market, marking XCMG's new step towards industrial greening and internationalization.

The new energy mining trucks launched in batches are the world's first pure electric new products using the advantage technology of rigid dump trucks. They are equipped with high-energy-density lithium iron phosphate batteries, with a power capacity of 525/700kWh, long cruising range, and high safety and reliability. It uniquely solves the problems of South American mines in terms of high carbon emissions, short cruising range and low safety factor.

By the end of 2021, XCMG has released a total of 108 new energy products, including truck cranes, loaders, aerial work platforms, sanitation vehicles, reach stackers, road rollers, paver and other fields, covering three major technical routes for fuel cells of pure electric, hybrid and hydrogen.

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