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XCMG participates in largest economic and trade project of China and Malaysia

Date:2022-07-19 Author:Rosy

July 19, 2022, Malaysia, On the winding coastline of Malaysia, XCMG crawler cranes, excavators, rotary drilling rigs and other equipment are scattered everywhere, and the flagship project of the "Belt and Road" - the Malaysian East Coast Railway is under construction.

It is understood that, as the largest economic and trade project between China and Malaysia, the Malaysia-East Railway will bring an additional 1.5% economic growth to the three states on the east coast after completion, becoming a landmark project for China-Malaysia friendly cooperation.

Malaysian Prime Minister Ismail said recently that the East Coast Railway project undertaken by Chinese companies will help Malaysia build a more efficient public transportation system and promote local economic development.

Faced with local high ultraviolet radiation, high salt and high humidity, the equipment is obviously corroded; the severe working environment and huge time and space span challenged the adaptability and durability of XCMG equipment.

XCMG's 25-ton and 55-ton truck cranes and XGC75 crawler cranes work 24 hours a day, making full use of the project's schedule.

It is expected that by 2023, 23,000 workers will jointly promote the East Railway project. As a globally trusted engineering equipment solution service provider, more XCMG equipment will also go to the front line to draw a magnificent picture of high-quality construction on the "Belt and Road". 

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