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CIMC Vehicles and Shaanxi Automobile Group strengthen cooperation

Date:2023-05-22 Author:Rosy

May 22, 2023, Shaanxi, China, Recently, the event '2 Millionth Shaanxi Heavy-Duty Truck Off the Assembly Line and X6000 17H840 Horsepower Product Launch' was held at Shaanxi Automobile Group's Xi'an Commercial Vehicle Industrial Park, marking a new starting point for the strategic cooperation between CIMC Vehicles and Shaanxi Automobile Group. Through enhanced trust, pragmatism, and closer collaboration, both parties are set to embark on a fast lane of comprehensive win-win development.
Based on the principles of openness, sharing, efficiency, and inclusiveness, both parties will accelerate the implementation of cooperative projects, swiftly transitioning from strong alliance to strong integration, ultimately achieving the common goal of leading the industry and shaping the future.

On May 9, the management team of CIMC Vehicles held a work meeting at the Xi'an Sanhao Development Center. The meeting emphasized that each business division of CIMC Vehicles should establish a strong synergy with the host factory and the industrial chain, fully promote the decoupling of CIMC Vehicles' domestic LTP (Lighthouse Production) Manufacturing Center and LoM (Local Manufacturing) network, fully exploit the synergy between product modularity and the establishment of regional hub warehouses, reshape the production line layout of each factory, and seek the transformation and upgrade of product manufacturing and logistics solutions.

The unveiling of the CIMC·Shaanxi Automobile cooperation and the inaugural high-end marketing and technology summit signify the further strengthening of the partnership between CIMC Vehicles and Shaanxi Automobile Group. In the future, both parties will build a new ecosystem of symbiosis and mutual benefit in the commercial vehicle industry, working together to promote structural reforms on the supply side of the industry and contribute to its high-quality development.

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