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Cummins’ one millionth engine rolled off production line in China

Date:2023-05-24 Author:Mark

May 24, 2023, China, Cummins China Power Generation (CGT) celebrated a significant milestone as the 1 millionth generator rolled off the production line at its Wuxi Xiangjiang Plant with the introduction of the Stanford® S7 water-cooled generator. This achievement marks another important milestone for Cummins Power Generation's 27 years of commitment to the Chinese market.
Since its launch in 2016, the new S-Series generators have demonstrated outstanding performance, stability, and exceptional product quality, featuring innovative CoreCooling™ technology that enhances thermal performance and power density while expanding the power range.

The S7 water-cooled generator solution, introduced in November last year, offers a capacity range from 1425kVA to 2644kVA, excelling in flexibility, runtime, and durability. It has received high acclaim for its remarkable reliability in marine applications and holds great promise for cogeneration and steam turbine power generation.

Since entering the Chinese market in 1996, Cummins Power Generation China has established two manufacturing plants. Over the course of 27 years, from the first generator to the 1 millionth unit, the Chinese factories have developed the production capability for the full range of Stanford® generators, playing an increasingly important role in Cummins Power Generation's global manufacturing network.

The achievement of reaching the million-unit production milestone is a testament to the value of the Stanford® brand and a testament to the rapid development of the generator industry in China. Moving forward, STAMFORD | AvK™ will continue to uphold its brand commitment as it sets sights on the next milestone.

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