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Tan Xuguang Hold Talks with Italian Ambassador to China Armando Varricchio


September 1, 2023, Beijing, China, On the afternoon of August 25th, at the invitation of the Italian Ambassador to China, Armando Varricchio, Tan Xuguang held talks and exchanges with Mr. Ambassador at the Italian Embassy in Beijing.
Tan Xuguang stated that since the strategic cooperation between Weichai and the Italian Ferretti Group in 2012, they have propelled the Ferretti Group to swiftly emerge from a bankruptcy crisis, becoming a gem in the crown of the global yachting industry, and achieving dual listings in Hong Kong and Milan. This cooperation has received strong support from the Italian government. In September, I will visit the Ferretti Group's factory in Italy to further promote their greater development.

Armando Varricchio mentioned that the strategic cooperation between Weichai and the Ferretti Group is a landmark case of bilateral cooperation between China and Italy. Mr. Tan Xuguang was awarded the "Leonardo International Prize" personally presented by the President of Italy in 2019. Next year marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Italy, as well as the 700th anniversary of Marco Polo's passing. We warmly welcome visionary Chinese enterprises to invest in Italy, with Shandong being our preferred area of cooperation. Weichai is not only our preferred and exemplary partner but also a model for cooperation! Views:

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