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Liaoning Provincial Emergency Management Department Signs Agreement with SANY

Date:2023-09-01 Author:Rosy

September 1, 2023, Liaoning, China, On August 22nd, the Liaoning Provincial Emergency Management Department signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Sany Heavy Industry at Sany's Shenyang Industrial Park.
The purpose of this agreement is to deepen practical cooperation between the Liaoning Provincial Emergency Management Department and Sany Heavy Industry in the field of construction machinery. According to the agreement, the two parties will respond rapidly, command in unity, coordinate effectively, and collaborate in joint rescue efforts for major emergencies and natural disasters within Liaoning Province. They will integrate resources from the "Sany Emergency Cloud Platform" to achieve accurate and swift mobilization of emergency equipment.
Prior to the signing ceremony, Deputy Director Liu Qing'en and his delegation visited the enterprise exhibition hall of Sany's Shenyang Industrial Park. Xie Zhixia introduced the development history, current operations, and future plans of Sany Group, and provided detailed accounts of Sany's involvement in major rescue missions both domestically and internationally, such as the Wenchuan earthquake rescue, the Chilean mining accident rescue, and the Turkish earthquake rescue. These stories deeply conveyed Sany's corporate spirit of "Contributing to the Country through Industry," showcasing the company's social responsibility and corporate commitment.

During the meeting, Deputy Director Liu Qing'en summarized the achievements of the previous cooperation between the two parties and acknowledged Sany's comprehensive development goals in the field of emergency equipment. He expressed a strong desire for deeper communication and collaboration between the two parties in areas such as emergency plans, joint emergency drills, digital integration, and emergency equipment dispatch. This collaboration aims to contribute jointly to the emergency management cause in Liaoning Province.

During the signing ceremony, Deputy Director Liu Qing'en of the Liaoning Provincial Emergency Management Department, Vice President Xie Zhixia of Sany Group, and Song Ximei of the Sany Foundation jointly signed the agreement. This marks the beginning of a new phase of long-term and stable development in their cooperation. Views:

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