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Achievement Unlocked: 1 Million Kilometers Milestone Reached!

Date:2023-09-19 Author:Rosy

September 19, 2023, Shanghai, China, The first batch of Cummins Accelera hydrogen fuel cell-powered dump trucks, delivered and put into operation in June of this year, has now safely crossed the impressive milestone of 1 million kilometers. This achievement marks a significant milestone for Cummins Accelera, Deutz Future, and their partners throughout the hydrogen energy supply chain, as they explore a comprehensive, carbon-neutral commercial operational model for the entire hydrogen ecosystem, spanning "hydrogen sources, hydrogen refueling stations, hydrogen vehicles, new energy transportation, and digital operational platforms.
Specifically designed for the municipal waste transportation needs of Shanghai, Cummins Accelera, in collaboration with Deutz Future, developed a 31-ton hydrogen fuel cell dump truck. These vehicles feature Deutz Future's 410 kW electric drive motor and an ultra-low system energy consumption AMT automatic transmission. They are powered by Cummins' 125 kW hydrogen fuel cell engine system and 127 kWh lithium iron phosphate power battery, forming a "new energy golden power chain."

All sixty vehicles in the initial fleet are fully integrated with intelligent networking, offering 24/7 operational support through remote diagnostics, proactive service, and maintenance planning. Leveraging the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle control platform, the fleet can track vehicle performance, assess potential risks, and ensure safe driving.

As a hydrogen fuel cell demonstration project in Shanghai, the collaboration between six specialized units, Cummins, and Deutz Future has overcome the initial challenges of industrial development, including hydrogen infrastructure. Over the course of the demonstration operation, they have accumulated over 40,000 hours of safe operation, fully harnessing the potential of hydrogen and setting numerous records in the process. Views:

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