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Cummins and Partners Sign MoU to Showcase Hydrogen Ecosystem

Date:2023-10-26 Author:Mark

October 26, 2023, Cummins recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Terex® Advance Mixer, a subsidiary of Terex, Edge Materials, and PCC Hydrogen. They aim to produce and operate concrete mixers equipped with Cummins zero-carbon hydrogen internal combustion engines.
The project's objective is to collaborate with hydrogen suppliers, vehicle manufacturers, and end-users to create a complete hydrogen energy ecosystem. The four companies will work together to install Cummins' 15H hydrogen internal combustion engine on Terex Advance's Commander series front-discharge concrete mixers and conduct operational tests. Edge Materials, a premixed concrete supplier and a customer of Terex Advance, will conduct operational tests of hydrogen-powered trucks in challenging environments, such as construction sites and critical infrastructure projects. PCC Hydrogen, a supplier of ultra-low-carbon hydrogen fuel, will provide hydrogen fuel supply, storage, and distribution services for the project.

In line with the "Destination Zero™" strategy to reduce product greenhouse gas emissions and minimize their impact on air quality, the four companies will closely collaborate to lead the industry in showcasing a viable decarbonization pathway for concrete mixers. This pathway will meet the performance requirements of vehicles while helping users achieve decarbonization.

Cummins' hydrogen internal combustion engines utilize mature internal combustion engine technology and can use zero-carbon hydrogen fuel. They are structurally similar to existing diesel and natural gas engines, requiring minimal changes to vehicle design and offering a low upfront application cost. This innovation provides a decarbonization pathway for heavy-duty, long-range applications. Views:

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