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Sany Broke Ground on Its Southern Africa Headquarters Devt. Project


Recently, Sany Southern Africa Headquarters Development Project broke ground in Johannesburg, Southern Africa. The base is positioned as a regional manufacturing center, logistics center and talent center, with an investment of 300 million rand (about 115 million yuan). After completion, it is estimated that 1,000 excavators and other construction machinery and equipment can be produced every year.

Southern Africa headquarters development project is one of the key construction projects of Sany Group's overseas strategic planning and layout. The planned construction area of the project is 12,500 square meters, including standard factory buildings, administrative office buildings, restaurants and other areas. The overall construction period of the project is 11 months, and it is planned to be completed and delivered in September 2024. After the completion of the headquarters base, it will focus on South Africa, serve the whole African region, support the overseas marketing business of enterprises with greater efforts, and enhance Sany's brand influence in Africa.

Sany has been operating in South Africa since 2005. In the past 18 years, Sany has participated in the construction of almost all major infrastructure projects in South Africa.

In 2006, Sany established a subsidiary in Johannesburg, the capital of South Africa. In 2013, Kusile Power Plant, the largest thermal power station project in Africa in South Africa, had 60 Sany equipments participating in the whole construction. Among them, Sany 750-ton and 630-ton crawler cranes stand out from many international brands, undertake the most critical hoisting work of thermal power stations, and set a new record for Chinese domestic cranes exported to Africa.

In 2015, Sany received US $120 million in actual orders and US $8 million in intentions at the second BMW International Construction Machinery Exhibition in South Africa, the largest construction machinery exhibition in Africa. In 2016, Sany Group signed a cooperation agreement with South African Transportation Group, and the two paties will cooperate in the localized manufacturing of ports and logistics equipment; Sany Group's first overseas PC (Precast Concrete) model house has been officially completed in Johannesburg, South Africa; Adama Wind Field, where 102 Sany fans were installed, officially passed the acceptance test.

At present, Sany has accumulated sales of about RMB 5 billion in the South African market, and this year's sales are expected to reach RMB 800 million. The new market share of mobile port machinery is over 80%.

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