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Foton light truck and heavy truck is earning profit

(, Sep 2, 2010) Sales revenue of Foton at the first half of 2010 has reached 3,020 million Euros and it has increased 54% by same time. Sales volume of commercial vehicles in Foton at the first half of 2010 is 371,000, and it still keeping the number one position of China commercial vehicle manufacturer.

Increase of light truck is below the average level of truck industry. Sales volume of light truck at the first half in 2010 is 290,000, and the market share is 21%. However, light truck sales volume has increased 21%, lower than 39% increase rate of overall segment industry.In terms of light truck engine, Foton business is still not growing because the quantity of top end light truck of Foton is limited. 

Sales volume of Foton heavy truck at the first half of 2010 is 59,000, and it has increased 86% by same time. Although it is lower than the heavy truck level, the capacity in first half of 2010 is the utmost because annual capacity of heavy truck base is only 80,000. At the second half of 2010, Foton heavy truck business will cooperate with Daimler. Daimler engine will be equipped with Foton heavy truck Auman.

Earning profit capacity of heavy truck in Foton will be further improved.


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