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Simple comments of Foton Auto in first three quarters

(, Nov 1, 2010) It is disclosed by Foton that the sales volumes of Foton completely vehicles from Jan to Sep have increased nearly 17% by same time in 2009 because of the pull strength of the sales environment of commercial vehicles. The profits of Foton have also increased by 2009.

Accumulated sales volumes of Foton from Jan to Sep are 520,751, which have increased 16.7% by same time in 2009. It ranks the first place in national enterprise. Sales volumes of light truck (mini truck included) are 408,055, which have increased 13.5%by same time in 2009. It also ranks the first place in the industry. The market share has taken 23.2%. Sales volumes of medium and heavy trucks are 81,041, which have increased 37.3% by same time in 2009. It has ranked the fifth place in the industry, and the market share has been taken 8.1%.    

Foton is continuing to develop new energy vehicles, and Beijing new energy auto manufacture engineering center will be established in Sep in Beijing Foton Shahe base. The center will cooperate with the original new energy R&D center to develop EVs, including Aumark EV sanitation vehicle, and Midi EV new energy vehicles.

It is predicted that accumulated net profits of Foton are increased over 50% based on the volumes growing trend of CV.


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