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Foton has benefited from new energy vehicle

(, May 28, 2010) Foton has earned profits when 90% new energy vehicle enterprises are staying at the concept stage. It is predicted by analyst that the sales volume of Foton new energy buses will reach 1400, and it has increased 100% by same time. Net profit is 150 million, and it has increased 200% by same time. 

It is learned by reporter that the orders of new energy buses are all coming from Beijing in 2009. The orders of new energy buses will come from all over the country and overseas except from Beijing. The orders of new energy buses will be around 4000 in 2010 according to the prediction, and Foton autos will occupy 30% market share.

The analyst estimates that sales revenue from 2010 to 2012 of Foton is 52938 million euros, 61145 million euros, and 68861million euros, which has respectively increased 18.1%, 15.5% and 12.6% by same time.



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