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The World's First Electric Mining Vehicle Developed successfully in Baotou In Sep.2013, the Baotou municipal government signed the research and development cooperative agreement with Tsinghua University and both parties develop electric mining vehicles, BT3650 with the effort for 11 months. Such model features with green, environment protection, zero emission and low consumption, mainly used in the stripping of rock stratum as well as short-distance transportation of coal, also the transport of earthwork in the construction of water conservancy projects.

Han Liping, the head of a open-air mine witnessed the special performance of the first electric mining vehicle and he counted, one electric vehicle can save six times more than that of a diesel vehicle in the respect of operation costs on the condition that one diesel vehicle take the fuel of around 2 liters per kilogram, 14 Yuan per km while one electric vehicle costs the power of 4kw, 2.4 Yuan per km. If 300 units in one mine as considered, more than 100 million Yuan can be saved each year so that the green mine possibly comes true as early as possible.


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