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300 Foton Daimler Intelligent Slag Trucks Delivered Delivery ceremony of Foton Daimler new generation intelligent slag trucks was held in Beijing on April 29, 2014. The ceremony, themed as "Green slag transport for clean air in Beijing" witnessed 300 third generation slag trucks delivered to Beijing Construction Group, Beijing Urban Construction Group, Beijing Rail Group and also Beijing Chengwei Brother Company etc. And it is learned that Foton Daimler secured another 357 slag truck order on the site.
Slag trucks are very important for city construction but when they are running it is easy to get drip which is bad for city image and some of the trucks' emission cannot meet the latest standards. Beijing government has carried out quite a few laws and regulations to handle the above mentioned problems. Beijing Slag Committee was founded in March 12, and they made up slag transportation standards and promote slag transportation greener and cleaner and more intelligent.
It is learned that about 2000 slag trucks can be met with the latest standards after upgrade. The city government has invested 280 million Yuan to replace and subsidy the existing old slag trucks and the municipal government will award 50% fees for refitting and up to 15,000 Yuan. And government will provide 50,000 Yuan subsidy for newly purchased slag trucks. The latest slag truck standards will be carried out since July 1 this year and up to 7000-8000 old slag trucks need refitting. Apart from subsidy, they will also provide new project for companies with the new slag trucks which can meet the new standards.


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