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Events of Foton Cummins ISF Engines Fierily Conduct in Chengdu The attraction is no doubt amazing for the influence of the promotion events of Foton Cummins ISE engines in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, which are proved by these data: 8000 participants, growth rate of WeChat fans up to 136.2% (daily growth of 505 fans), ordering of 5 units and intent orders of more than 40 units.

The series events of “China Emission Ⅳ Expert and No Heavy Maintenance for 800,000 km” are promoted by Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Company for ISF engines from 20th May to 30th May, 2014, involving 10 events, aimed at the continuous strengthening demonstration of technological and environmental advantages, as well as, unprecedented record of no heavy maintenance of 800,000 km for such light weight power.

ISF flagship engines (China Emission Ⅳ), Cummins DOC (diesel oxidation catalyst), PFC after-treatment devices (China Emission Ⅳ) and many domestic medium or high-end medium or light trucks equipped with ISF engines all were displayed on the scene. The staff specially explained products and promoted ISF through lottery drawing on WeChat, inspiring the users to share the value added experience and massive return. In addition, old clients of ISF get the access to free inspection of engines, donation of spare parts of filtering systems, discounting card gifts for components and maintenance training, which all illustrate the customers-oriented belief of the producer.

Ten events refer to accumulated 8000 participants, even 1500 in Chuanhua Logistic Park on 22 May in Chengdu.


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