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Foton and Henan Bingxiong Sign a Deal for 1,000 Cold Chain Logistics Vehicles

On May 13, a grand ceremony was held in Beijing to mark the signing of cooperation agreement between Foton and Henan Bingxiong. According to the agreement, Foton will provide 1,000 units Auman trucks for cold chain logistic service in which Henan Bingxiong is specialized. The cooperation between the two parties represents a huge step forward for Foton & Daimler’s integrated transportation solutions for cold chain logistic industry. Auman trucks are expected to further upgrade the cold chain logistic industry.
1,000 Units Auman Trucks to Upgrade Cold Chain Logistics

In recent years, China’s cold chain logistic industry has been maintaining a robust growing momentum. Agricultural products, sea food, meat and some special medical products can usually arrive at consumers’ doorstep within 24 hours.

To further improve the overall efficiency of the industry, Foton & Daimler jointly a premier Auman EST truck for cold chain logistic services. With its B10 life-expectancy reaching 1.5 million kilometers, the vehicle is set to reach an annual mileage of 300,000 kilometers. Moreover, it achieves higher fuel economy and higher environmental friendliness. (


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