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Foton Tunland Pickup to Strengthen Its Global Presence

As one of the major brands of Foton, Tunland has sold 500,000 units across the world in just two decades.
Foton Tunland Pickup to Strengthen Its Global Presence

To further strengthen Tunland’s competitiveness in the global market, Foton has been taking a number of measures, such as optimizing its design, introducing state-of-art technologies, customizing its products and services.

Now, Foton has built smart factories with 100% automatic manufacturing procedures. Having greatly improved its productivity, it has further improved its quality control and supervision. Any quality defect will never be tolerated.

So far, Foton has already established about 200 distributors across the globe for Tunland, providing high-quality Tunland pickups and timely and more customized after-sales services for its customers.


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