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Foton Delivers Trucks to Vietnam and Philippines

On July 2, Foton delivered 10 units AUMARK TX trucks and one unit AUMAN EST-M truck to Da Nang, Vietnam and 20 units AUMAN EST-M trucks to Manila, Philippines. In both Vietnam and Philippines, the trucks are operated by J&T Express.
Foton Delivers Trucks to Vietnam and Philippines

As a fast growing logistic company in Southeast Asia, J&T Express is headquartered in Indonesia. So far, the company has introduced nearly 250 units Foton trucks in Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand. According to J&T Express, it will soon introduce Foton trucks to Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.

In 2003, Foton entered Vietnam. So far, it has sold 76,000 units trucks in the country, becoming the leading brand there. In July, 2018, Foton delivered its first batch of 100 units light trucks to J&T Express in Vietnam.

Foton Delivers Trucks to Vietnam and Philippines

In 2007, Foton entered Philippines. In 2018, it ranked among the Top Ten Auto Brands and the third truck brand in the country. So far, it has built 32 4S stores and over 55 service stations. In addition, it has established a KD factory with an annual production volume of 30,000 units.


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