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Foton Attends Ecuador Commercial Vehicle Exhibition

From September 12 to 15, Ecuador Commercial Vehicle Exhibition was held in Guito, the capital city of the country. Foton attended the exhibition by bringing five vehicle models, including Auman EST-M, Aumark S, View CS2, Tunland and Gratour on display.
Foton Attends Ecuador Commercial Vehicle Exhibition

During the exhibition, Foton and its distributor AYASA invited Silogistica, a Quito-based logistic service provider, Quito School Bus Association, CTPP, the transportation association in Pichincha province, El Comercio, a well-known local media outlet, to witness the debut of all five Foton vehicle models in the country.

Nicolas Espisoza, Chairman of Ecuador Automobile Association, visited Foton’s exhibition hall and expressed his hope that Foton and AYASA would work more closely to provide more diversified vehicle products and competitive services for local customers.

Foton Attends Ecuador Commercial Vehicle Exhibition

Oswaldo, Chairman of Ecuador School Bus Association, has been tracking the operation of Foton school buses operating in the country, saying they achieve high quality standards and high reliability.

Apart from vehicle products, Foton also provides financing services, second-hand vehicle sales services, after-sales services to local customers in Ecuador. According to the auto maker, it is fully committed to making travel and transportation more convenient for local people.

Foton Attends Ecuador Commercial Vehicle Exhibition


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