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Foton Attends Pakistan Auto Show 2020 in Lahore

The Pakistan Auto Show 2020 organized by the Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts and Sccessories Manufacturers (PAAPAM) was held from 21st to 23rd February 2020 at International Expo Centre Lahore. Over 200,000 visitors witnessed the mega auto show in three days and turned out to be a huge success. Chinese auto giant, Foton motor participated in the event and brought a wide range of pick-up, vans and trucks line up on display.
Foton Attends Pakistan Auto Show 2020 in Lahore

In order to meet the needs for medium and long distance transportation, logistics, municipal construction and mining-purpose transportation, Foton brought AUMAN ETX to its customers.

During the event, Foton also launch AUMARK light-duty trucks in response to demand for medium and short distance logistics, transportation and city distribution.

Foton Attends Pakistan Auto Show 2020 in Lahore

The moment after its debuting, FOTON VIEW CS2 definitely captured the attention of many visitors and becomes the highlight of the event. It is a vehicle specifically developed for meeting various needs in using buses and ambulance. VIEW CS2 is not only fashionable to ways of looking, but also offers you several options for engines, all of which are capable of delivering reliable performance.

The Foton VIEW CS2 with either Cummins power, 3TZ or BJ493 power is now available for sale in the Pakistan market. They can meet your various needs in range from business reception to shuttle buses.

Foton Attends Pakistan Auto Show 2020 in Lahore

In the three-day exhibition, there were over 2000 visitors coming to visit Foton booth. Over 300 initial intentions to purchase were collected and an order for 8 vehicles was placed on the site.

With a market share of 27% in light-duty truck segment and ranking first in the sales of CVs of all the Chinese brands entering Pakistan, Foton expects to achieve great things in Pakistan with opportunities presented to them.


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