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Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd

Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "JMC") is a national high-tech enterprise, a national innovative pilot enterprise, a nationally recognized enterprise technology center, a national intellectual property demonstration enterprise, and a "national vehicle export base". JMC is a enterprise in China's auto industry with commercial vehicles as its core competitiveness, and has expanded to SUVs and MPVs. JMC took the lead in introducing international advanced technology to manufacture light trucks in China in the mid-1980s and became a major light truck manufacturer in China. In November 1993, the company successfully issued A shares on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, becoming the first listed company in Jiangxi Province. In 1995, the company was the first in China to introduce foreign strategic partners by issuing B shares through ADRs. American Ford Motor Company (hereinafter referred to as "Ford") currently holds 32% of the company's shares.

As one of the first companies with foreign investment in Jiangxi Province, with the support of its strategic partner Ford, JMC develops rapidly and gains ground. In 1997, JMC worked with Ford to launch Transit light bus which was the first co-developed vehicle by China and foreign companies in China. JMC has absorbed global top product technology, manufacturing process and management concept; applied reasonable share balancing system, highly efficient and transparent operation and high-standard business management; formed standard management operation system.

Now JMC has established product development, logistics, sales service and finance support systems and processes which all meet international standard, becoming a model of successful cooperation between Chinese and foreign companies. JMC product include: Transit commercial vehicle, Kaiyun light truck, Baodian pickup, Yusheng SUV, Baowei BUV, which are models of fuel saving, practicality and environment friendliness. In recent years, JMC has been making a lot of investment in new product development to enrich its original product line. In 2009, JMC launched Kaiwei, the wide body truck. And by the end of 2010, Yusheng, JMC in-house mid & high end SUV with brand new logo was launched, which was a big hit to the market. As the first passenger vehicle in JMC, Yusheng SUV marked the new era of JMC passenger vehicle brand. Continuous launch of new products guarantees the market share expansion of JMC.

Ford Transit vehicle, greatly favored by China consumers, has been developing steadily in both mid & high end commercial vehicle market and dual passenger/cargo vehicle market. It has dominated China high-end light bus market and excelled other diesel-engine commercial vehicles on sales volume in mid & high-end light bus market. The sale volume of JMC independent brand products “JMC” Baodian pickup, Kaiyun and JMC light truck series continue to dominate mid and high end market. By combining the most advanced international light passenger vehicle technology, the high performance New Generation Ford Transit launched with strong power, sedan-style design, advancing configuration, low emission reaching Euro IV and outstanding drivability lead new trend of sedan style, safety diesel engine technology and environment friendliness in China light bus market, enabling JMC to stay at absolutely leading position in China high-end bus industry.

JMC takes the lead in stabling modern marketing system in china auto market and a strong nationwide marketing network has been built. In light of four-in-one exclusive business mode (refers to sale, spare parts, service and survey), JMC has over 100 first-tier dealers and over 600 dealers in total. The overseas sales service network expands rapidly and overseas sales volume grows at high speed, enabling JMC to become the biggest exporter of China light-duty diesel-engine commercial vehicle and be recognized as State WHOLE Vehicle Export Base by Ministry of Commerce and National Development and Reform Commission of China. JMC brand has already become one of two key commercial vehicle export brands greatly supported by Ministry of Commerce. Being customer oriented, JMC has adopted Ford global Service 2000 standard mode, implemented JMC Cares service system and made efforts to pursue quality service process, thus achieving best customer satisfaction appraisal among Ford global companies. Good marketing, extensive network, fast and mature customer service have become JMC core competitiveness in China market. As a Chinese Well-known Trademark, JMC has built its brand image as a renowned commercial vehicle brand.

JMC has established an ERP information support system and a highly efficient logistics system to ensure balanced production; set up JPS lean production system and its general level keeping rising; built an IT system for quality management, promoted NOVA-C and FCPA review and made use of 6 sigma to improve product quality and reduce cost constantly; JMC was honored as one of Top 10 Advanced Enterprises of National 6 Sigma Management Promotion. Transit has won Ford Global Customer Satisfaction Gold Award for consecutive 3 years for its excellent quality and has been recognized as China Best Commercial Vehicle. With a win-win concept sharing with our suppliers, JMC has used Ford Q1 review mode for reference to optimize suppliers’ evaluation and supply system, thus becoming the first one in passing the TS16949 integrated management review amongst domestic auto companies.With perfect quality management system, JMC has won such awards as the first Nanchang Mayor Quality Award, National Excellent Performance Advanced Enterprise, and National Enterprise Environment Achievement Award, etc.

By absorbing internationally advanced technology, JMC improves independent development capability continually and JMC Product Development Technical Center has been recognized as a State-level Technical Center, which makes JMC the national high-tech enterprise.

JMC Xiaolanwhole vehicle production base has a total area of 2000 mu, with staging construction. The main content of the program includes building new production lines for Stamping, Bodyshop, Paint shop, and TCF, constructing brand new product development center and test track for manufacturing all Ford-JMC vehicle lines. The new plant with advanced technology, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental friend liness reaches world level passenger vehicle quality standard; the automatic and flexible production line and equipment aim at reaching global advanced level. After construction, the maximum annual production capacity of the new site will be over 300,000 units. And Xiaolan Site will be put into service in succession since 2013.

In order to make JMC bigger and stronger, JMC people are seeking for border development space and trying to build an important commercial vehicle manufacturing base with high quality, profitable products for distribution in both domestic and overseas markets.


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