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Foton Auman flagship heavy truck GTL to release

Date:2011-08-19 65,746 Foton heavy trucks were sold out from Jan. to June, taking 12.1% market shares. The overall bad sales of heavy trucks in China will definitely affect sales of Foton heavy trucks, and how could they fulfill their sales targets on time?
Foton has finished construction of VT, TX and GTL production lines, and GTL is the high-end products. And it is learned from Foton dealer in Shanxi province that GTL is going to be released in the second half year.

Benz technologies are integrated in the GTL driving cab and general matching of the truck. The main engines are Weichai and Cummins and in the future Benz engines will be employed. And their target customers are engineering, highway transport, and logistics specialized customers with higher education.

GTL features green transport vehicle. European intake and exhaust system to enable fuel consumption and noise equal to Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards. The innovative energy recyclable technology can make good use of the energy. 


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