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MAN Truck to Expand Its Presence in China in 2019

Date:2019-01-23 Author:Daisy

MAN Truck & Bus is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles and has product portfolio comprising of vans, trucks, buses, and diesel and gas engines, as well as passenger and freight transportation services. To support its accelerated expansion in China, MAN will increase its investment in the market in 2019.
MAN Truck to Expand its Presence in China in 2019

MAN China has rounded off a strong year in 2018, recording total brand sales up by 26% from its performance in 2017. In terms of imported brand, the strongest performer was tractor, with a 67 percent year-on-year growth. In terms of customer satisfication and after-sales service, a 42 percent and 132 percent increase were reported respectively. Additionally, Man also took the honorary titles for “Best Imported Heavy-duty Truck” and “Improted Truck of Most Noticed” in 2008.

Man has established its presence in China as early as two decades ago. The business operation MAN China currently carried out in China includes tractor and special vehicles. Tractor is gainning a fast growing market share in long-haul tranport while special vehicles has seen a remarkably increase in special vehicle refitting business.

In 2018, the strategic partnership agreement was signed between MAN and BEST Finance and a new offer for the station guranteen as well as the professional training for STO Express drivers was developed in collaboration with STO.

In the near future, MAN will launches new product for the China market in line with National Ⅵ Emission standard. To promote the growth in China’s road transport industry, MAN will start deep and wide cooperation with local logistics company in terms of overall operation performance and cost reduction.

MAN Commercial vehicle is expecte to grow by 300 percent in the next four years. The company says It will also accelerate the development of dealerships across the first- and second-class cities. And the customers service is expected to improve to a new level by offering more localized training for its staff.


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