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Dongfeng Tianjin 16t Cleaning Sweeper

Dongfeng Tianjin 16t Cleaning Sweeper
Dongfeng Tianjin 16t Cleaning Sweeper
Basic Information
Usage Street Sprinkler
Model CLW5160TSLD5
Gross Weight 15800(kg)
Rated Load 4535(Kg)
Curb Weight 11070(kg)
Dimensions 8350,8050,7850,7550,7150×2500×3060(mm)
Approaching/Departuring Angle 20/12(°)
Front/Rear Overhang 1430/1920(mm)
Number of Axles 2
Wheelbase 3800,4200,4500,4700,5000,3950,5600(mm)
Axle Load 5600/10200(kg)
Max Speed 98(km/h)
Chassis type DFL1160BX1V
Number of Tires 6
Number of Leaf Spring 7/9+6,8/10+8,10/11+10,11/11+10
Tire 9.00R20 16PR,10.00-20 16PR,10.00-20 18PR,10.00R20 14PR,10.00R20 16PR,10.00R20 18PR,10R22.5 16PR,275/80R22.5,275/70R22.5 16PR,275/70R22.5 18P
Front Wheel Track 1880,1900,1920,1815(mm)
Rear Wheel Track 1800,1860,1820 (mm)
Chassis Discharge Standard GB3847-2005, GB17691-2005 National V Emission Standards
Fuel Type Diesel 
Engine Model ISD210-50, ISD190-50, ISD180-50, EQH180-52, EQH180-53, ISB180-50, ISD270-50, ISB210-50, ISB190-50
Engine Displacement 4500 - 6700(ml)
Engine Max Power 132 - 198(kw)

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