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Yutong Blood Bank

Yutong Blood Bank
Yutong Blood Bank Yutong Blood Bank Yutong Blood Bank Yutong Blood Bank

Blood Bank: According to the function of blood bank, The interior layout can be divided work area,blood collection area, rest area and storage area.

Work area

Equipped with several blood collection tables, laboratory station, registration desk, long rest chair and integrated cabinet. The registration desk and laboratory station can meet the requirements of registration, physical examination and tests. The integrated cabinet has water dispenser, food refrigerator, hand-washing pool and other living facilities, which can ensure the needs of drinking, eating and hand-washing in the vehicle.

Blood collection area

Located in the rear of the vehicle, equipped with several blood collection chairs, blood collection tables, blood bag sealing system, blood bank refrigerator and long rest chair. Blood collection chairs are arranged in a row, suitable for multiple people to collect blood at the same time. A 2-meters long rest chair is placed opposite the blood collection chair for the rest of donors after blood donation. The blood bag sealing system and the blood bank refrigerator are arranged on the right rear side of the vehicle, so the staff can seal and store the blood bags nearby.

Storage area

Equipped with storage cabinets and rest mattresses. The storage cabinets are located at the rear of the vehicle and can meet the storage of blood collection items. The rest mattress at the back of the vehicle can be used for rest and recovery of blood donors.


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