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Dongfeng Tianjin Fire-extinguishing Water Tanker (6t)

Dongfeng Tianjin fire-extinguishing water tanker is of compact structure and good power.
Dongfeng Tianjin fire-extinguishing water tanker is of compact structure and good power.
Dongfeng Tianjin fire-extinguishing water tanker is equipped with Dongfeng refit chassis DFL1160BX2 and of compact structure and good power.  Upload framework of upload cargo is aluminium alloy extrusions manufacturered by European technology, which makes it light weight but high speed. Apart from fire-extinguishing pumps and equipments, it owns water tanker and water mointer for firemen extinguishing fire or taking use of water source directly.

Technical Parameters
Model JDF5150GXFSG60T
Dimension (mm)
Total mass (kg) 15,000
Rated weight (kg) 6,000
Curb weight (kg) 8,550
Tanker capacity (kg) water 6,000;  foam 4.000
Engine (diesel) B190 33   Dongfeng Cummins  5,900ml  140kw;
EQH180-33 Dongfeng CV  4,752ml 132kw
Chassis DFL1160BX2   Dongfeng
Wheelbase (mm) 4500,4200 
Maximum speed (km/h) 90
Specific function Medium-low pressure pump: CB20.10/15.30
low pressure flow:30L/s/1.0MPa
Medium pressure flow:15L/S/2.0MPa;


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