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Dongfeng CLW5040ZZZ3 garbage truck

Dongfeng CLW5040ZZZ3 garbage truck

Vehicle Model: CLW5040ZZZ3

Name: Dongfeng CLW5040ZZZ3 garbage truck

Chassis Model: EQ1040TJ20D3

Concrete volume  m³: 3-4

Total weight  kg: 4,495

Curb weight  kg: 3,465
Rated weight  kg: 900

Dimension  mm: 5,850*2,000*2,300

Wheelbase  mm: 3,300

Tyre size: 6.50-16

Displacement/power  m/ps: 3856/70

Engine model: CY4102-C3F/95

Maximum speed  km/h: 90


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