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QD9400XXY Van trailer

Van trailer (length/width/height):12990/2550/3775
Rated weight:31110
Total weight:39610
Curb weight:8500
Number of axles:3
Load of wheel:/21000
Maximum load of trailer saddle:18610
Number of tyres:12
Number of springs:9/9/9
Tyre Specification:11.00-20,11.00R20,10.00R20,10.00-20,12.00-20
Approach and departure angle:/14
Front and back overhang:1155/2185,2145
Rear wheelbase:1820
Identified code:LFTVM000×××××××××
Other configurations: Soft wagon van shall be equipped.
Specification of selected tyre: 12.00R20
Reflect light device shall be installed on the side and back of the trailer.
Hatchback shall be selected to equip.



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