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Yutong Delivered New Energy Sanitation Vehicles to Shenyang

Date:2022-06-07 Author:Nancy

June 7, 2022, Shenyang, China, On May 21, Yutong Sanitation's 2 units W10 pure electric cleaning sweeper trucks were successfully delivered to Shenyang. This is the first batch of pure electric cleaning sweeper trucks over 10 tons in Shenyang to be put into operation, opening a new chapter in Shenyang's new energy sanitation operation.
The W10 pure electric cleaning sweeper truck delivered this time is a star model of Yutong Sanitation, which received high recognition from customers in terms of power performance, battery capacity, driving experience, working efficiency and operation.

For a long time, Yutong Sanitation has been committed to the development and promotion of new energy sanitation products, helping all localities to win the battle to defend the blue sky, and has now become a leading new energy sanitation equipment and sanitation service enterprise in China. By the end of 2021, Yutong's new energy sanitation vehicle market share had reached 28.5%, ranking first in the industry. Since 2014, the number of new energy sanitation vehicles has ranked first in the industry.

Yutong Sanitation always adheres to high-quality one-stop after-sales service, provides efficient and convenient support for vehicle operation, and fulfills its commitment to users. Yutong Sanitation will continue to lead the development of the industry with high-quality products and services, and help the upgrading of urban sanitation and the achievement of the national "dual-carbon" goals.

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